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In today's society, wellness is usually expected to provide immediate relief. The issue with that approach is that the quick fix does not often address the problem's root causes. At IMAWC, we believe that overall wellness is a journey.  Our goal is to find the source of the patient's problem and formulate a total wellness approach to treat the root cause of the condition and enhance the patient's quality of life. ​


The following services are currently offered at Integrative Medical and Wellness Clinics:


  • HA joint injections- shoulder, hip, elbow, knee

  • Anti-aging treatments

  • Exome Treatment

  • Pain management - non-opioid treatments

  • Sexual wellness

  • And many other services  See more >>

Better Care Starts with You!


“I absolutely love this place. The atmosphere is great and the staff are friendly. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”

Samantha B.


“I had the Zimmer treatment for Neuropathy performed on my feet. It is amazing the difference my feet feel on the very first treatment. Anthony is a true professional. This is truly an amazing procedure. In only one treatment I have increased my range of movement, decreased the pain in my feet and feel 100% better. I will be back for more!

Bert G.

“Friendly staff and an awesome provider! Highly recommend this clinic!

Kerry H.


“I had been dealing with ED for a while. They started me with the Z Wave and then did the P Shot. What a difference! My girlfriend even noticed a significant difference in size and "staying power." I would definitely recommend.”

Bruce G.